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Funding Your Master’s Degree

Our commitment to diversity and access means our goal is to bring the most promising students into our graduate programs, regardless of financial circumstances. Eighty percent of our master’s students receive financial assistance.

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    The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is committed to:

    • Assisting you in understanding our programs and the resources and options available to you;
    • Flexibility and concern in responding to individual circumstances and special needs, consistent with the guidelines of our general policies;
    • Protecting the confidentially of the information you provide us; and
    • Doing the best to notify you of any changes in federal programs and YSE policies.

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    Tuition Payments Update

    In light of mail complexities caused by ongoing COVID-19 concerns, all checks for tuition payments should be sent directly to:

    Student Finance & Administration
    PO Box 208232
    New Haven, CT 06520-8232

    Sending payments to the YSE Office of Admissions and Financial Aid may result in delays as our office is operating virtually until further notice.

    Please contact if you have any questions.

    Financial Aid at YSE

    When applying for financial aid, students are considered for the following sources of aid:

    • YSE Scholarships
      Most of our scholarship budget is funded by private donors. Scholarship recipients are automatically considered for all named scholarships. These named scholarships are not in addition to any generic scholarship a student receives in their financial aid award notification, but may be matched to a scholarship recipient once the student matriculates.

    • Work Study

    • Federal Direct Loans for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

    • Yale International Loans for International Students

    Students may also seek funding from other sources:

    Contact YSE Financial Aid