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Industrial Ecology and Green Chemistry

Industrial ecology and green design are key to addressing many of the sustainability challenges posed by ever-increasing industrial production.In this LC, students study the energy and materials used in industry, and develop strategic approaches to the design, use, and re-use of materials.

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    Centers & Programs

    Center for Industrial Ecology (CIE)

    Leading the way in an emerging field, the Center for Industrial Ecology focuses research, teaching, and outreach on how resources are converted to products, the pollution that comes from these processes, and opportunities to reduce resource use and pollution.

    Green ChemisTREE
    Centers & Programs

    Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale

    Taking sustainability to the molecular level, the Center supports chemists and engineers whose scientific and technological breakthroughs are crucial to the future success of the human economy.

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    Centers & Programs

    Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY)

    CBEY educates and inspires interdisciplinary leaders through business solutions to systemic environmental problems.

    Industrial Ecology and Green Chemistry in the News

    Volvo presentation with YSE Students and Professor Paul Anastas at COP26

    YSE at COP26: Students, Faculty Make An Impact at UN Climate Summit

    From speaking on panels to taking part in critical decision-making, students and faculty from the Yale School of the Environment played a major role at this year's COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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    YSE Partners with World Bank on Identifying Industrial Symbiosis Opportunities

    A new global platform, based on YSE’s research through the Center for Industrial Ecology, will help promote opportunities for reuse of waste material and other resources.


    Study Develops Technique for Creating Strong, ‘Moldable’ Wood Materials

    A research team that included Yuan Yao of the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology has developed a “moldable” wood product, dismantling wood’s lignin and shaping it via a “water-shock” process.

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    YSE's Learning Communities were created to offer robust interdisciplinary experiences and networks. Students may engage with as many learning communities as they choose, regardless of their degree program or specialization.