1. Can Gold Mining Be More Sustainable?

    A YSE-led study details the severe degradation and deforestation caused by gold mining in tropical forests, as well as the biophysical challenges associated with effectively restoring these landscapes.
  2. New Initiative Connects the Northeast’s Forest Farmers

    The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment has helped establish the Northeast Forest Farmers Coalition, an education and outreach program designed to help the region’s forest landowners build forest farming operations.
  3. Celebrating Old Growth

    Renowned environmental authors recently took part in a Yale-led discussion that celebrated the release of Old Growth,  a collection of essays and poems about the rich inner lives of trees.
  4. University Landscapes: An Opportunity for Agroforestry

    What does a university landscape look like? In a new article, F&ES student Emily Sigman writes that when we place landscapes “in the background,” and fail to highlight the interaction between humans and nature, we miss a tremendous opportunity.