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Yale Applied Science Synthesis Program (YASSP)

Centered on generating science to support decision making, YASSP produces quantitative, reputable, scientific syntheses that guide and inform direct actions around land stewardship.

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    The Yale Applied Science Synthesis Program (YASSP) is an initiative of The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment and the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture.

    The program connects academic researchers, policymakers, and those managing lands to answer applied questions about how land management decisions affect the services provided by forests, croplands, wetlands, rangelands, and grasslands.

    We work with for- and not-for-profit partners that need to make decisions on sustainable land management practices. Our work focuses on the regional context within which local management decisions are made, to help maximize ecosystem benefits provided by these land resources, such as carbon storage, sustainable food production, and biodiversity. Our mission reflects the founding principles of The Forest School, which was first established in 1900, to develop applied scientific knowledge to guide effective stewardship of the nation’s forests.

    Core support for our work is funded by the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture and the Yale School of the Environment, including The Forest School where the program is housed.

    Applied Science Synthesis Program Website

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