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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Sustainability Initiative (JEDSI)

Examining the relationship between social inequalities, lived experiences, and environmental outcomes, JEDSI focuses research, teaching, and practice on our environmental history, diverse voices in the environmental movement, and better pathways forward.

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    Related Learning Community

    The People, Equity, and the Environment learning community is closely associated with JEDSI.

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    Related Centers, Programs, and Initiatives

    Map of every street tree in New Haven
    Centers & Programs

    Urban Resources Initiative

    Making New Haven cleaner and greener, URI works with local partners to plant trees, restore community green spaces, and build bioswales to filter stormwater runoff.

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    Centers & Programs

    The Forests Dialogue (TFD)

    The Forests Dialogue provides a platform for ongoing, multi-stakeholder conversations focused on collaborative solutions to challenges in achieving sustainable forest management and forest conservation.

    Fmers learning techniques to use silvopastoral systems
    Centers & Programs

    Environmental Leadership Training Initiative (ELTI)

    In critical natural landscapes rich in biodiversity, ELTI empowers local leaders to design and implement land use practices and initiatives that protect tropical forests and the livelihoods of local landowners and their communities.