Tropical Resources Institute

Tropical Resources Institute (TRI)

The Tropical Resources Institute supports student research and on-campus programming aimed at solutions to complex challenges within the conservation and management of tropical environments.

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    Fmers learning techniques to use silvopastoral systems
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    Environmental Leadership Training Initiative (ELTI)

    In critical natural landscapes rich in biodiversity, ELTI empowers local leaders to design and implement land use practices and initiatives that protect tropical forests and the livelihoods of local landowners and their communities.

    A group of Forestry students gathered on the Marsh Hall lawn
    Centers & Programs

    Yale Forest Forum (YFF)

    The Yale Forest Forum serves as the special events and convening hub of The Forest School at YSE.

    Marlyse Duguid teaching in the Yale-Myers Forest
    Centers & Programs

    Yale Forests

    Yale Forests manage 10,777 acres of forestland that provide educational, research, and professional opportunities to the Yale community and beyond.