Four people wearing safety vests walking down a gravel road
Canopy Magazine
site visit at a mass timber construction project in Finland

The Forests Dialogue Engages Stakeholders on Mass Timber’s Role in a Sustainable Future

Can mass timber turn cities from carbon emitters into carbon sinks? The Forests Dialogue digs into sustainable construction.

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News Briefs

President Peter Salovey

YSE and the Three Cairns Group Launch an Ambitious New Initiative to Support Emerging Climate Leaders in the Global South

Also in this issue, YSE Professors Eli Fenichel and Daniel Esty tackle national and global policy challenges; experts on disturbance ecology and ecosystem dynamics join the YSE faculty; Marian Chertow honored as an industrial symbiosis groundbreaker; and sustainably made maple syrup debuts at Yale-Myers Forest.

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Video screenshot: aerial view of tropical forest land cleared of trees with piles of burning brush

Biomass Loss in Tropical Forests Could Result in Increased Carbon Emissions

Tropical ecosystems store over half the world’s above-ground carbon in their biomass, which includes vines, trunks, and leaves. YSE Associate Professor Paulo Brando discusses his recent study examining how climate change-induced loss in tropical forest biomass could result in accelerated global warming.

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Feature Stories

Anthony Leiserowitz outside of Kroon Hall

The Climate of Climate Change Is Shifting

While research by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication at YSE shows a fundamental shift toward climate change action in the U.S., founder and director Anthony Leiserowitz says people everywhere need to better understand what the solutions are, as even those most convinced global warming is happening and supportive of climate policies often don’t know what to do.

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Program representatives gathered at UNIDO in Vienna

Scaling Up Green Chemistry Globally for a Sustainable Future

The Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale is leading a new UNIDO initiative to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals worldwide with an accelerator program in emerging nations and development of a global network aimed at connecting stakeholders seeking to implement green alternatives.

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Matthew Kotchen

The Economics of Carbon: In Conversation with Matthew Kotchen

Environmental economist Matthew Kotchen talks about the social cost of carbon, the world of offsets, and the importance of connecting academics and policymakers — a challenge he is tackling through the Environmental and Energy Policy and the Economy Initiative.

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Alumni News

2022 Alumni Awards

2022 YSE Alumni Association Award Winners

Meet the distinguished alums who were recognized at YSE Reunion 2022 for their outstanding work in forest genetics, environmental law, and climate policy.

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2023 Class Notes

Catching Up with Classmates

Personal and professional news and updates from YSE's more than 5,600 alumni around the world.

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In Memoriam

Donald McCluskey ’42 BE, ’59 MEng

(1921 – 2022)  Donald "Don" and his wife, Dorothy ’73 MFS, who died in 2013, were scholars, researchers, and longtime supporters of YSE. Don was an active member of the YSE Leadership Council. In 2002, Dorothy endowed the Dorothy S. McCluskey Visiting Fellowship in Conservation.

Eleanor Sterling ’83 BA, ’93 PhD

(1960 – 2023) An internationally renowned scholar in biocultural diversity, conservation policy, and resource management, Eleanor conducted more than three decades of fieldwork in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania, including seminal research on the nocturnal aye-aye, an endangered primate in Madagascar.

Nam-Yeng “Mark” Lam ’20 MEM

(1957 – 2022) A champion of small webcasters and independent artists, Nam-Yeng "Mark" was a founding member of the Digital Media Association (DiMA) and participated in numerous congressional hearings, fighting for a place at the table for small webcasters and independent artists.