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The Yale School of the Environment (YSE) is a global school of the environment. Our faculty, students, and staff are taking on complex environmental challenges and developing solutions at the regional, national, and international levels

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    We believe that the makeup of our student body should be as diverse as the issues and regions we study. Over the past five years, international student enrollment has averaged 25%, and YSE’s alumni network extends internationally to 5,300 graduates working and living in more than 80 countries.

    The interests, perspectives, and lived experiences of YSE students from international backgrounds are integral components of our graduate community, and our effort to diversify our student body, staff, and faculty is a pillar of our School’s Strategic Plan.

    Our Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is committed to continuing to attract the most qualified graduate students from across the world. To support you through your journey to join the YSE community, we have compiled a list of YSE resources and answers to common questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Do I have to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score?

      The TOEFL exam or the IELTS exam is required if your native language is not English or if English was not your primary language of instruction at your degree-granting undergraduate institution.
    2. Can undocumented students be admitted?

      YSE stands in support of Yale University’s strong commitment to equal opportunity and accessibility to all candidates from any part of the world who possess unique experiences, varied academic achievements, academic readiness, contribution to the incoming class, and potential for success. We extend our need-blind admissions policy and holistic application review to all students without regard to citizenship or immigration status. For more information on application requirements and policies for all applicants, please consult the YSE master’s admissions website.
    3. Do I have to submit a GRE/ GMAT or LSAT score?

      No, submission of the GRE/GMAT or LSAT score is optional. We utilize a holistic review process to assess an applicant’s unique experiences, academic achievements, academic readiness, contribution to the incoming class, and potential for success, without the review of test scores.
    4. What if my transcripts come from a non-English-speaking university or the university does not use the same grading system?

      If your transcripts are not in English, you must provide a notarized translation of that transcript as well as a copy of the transcript in the original language. There are several online resources for international students to use to evaluate and translate their college credentials for U.S. institutions, including: 
      World Education Services (WES)  Education Credential Evaluators (ECE)

      While using these or other evaluation services is not required, we strongly suggest that you submit a credential evaluation with your application.

      If you are an applicant from China and are submitting transcripts and degree certificates from Chinese universities, you MUST arrange for a degree and transcript verification report by WES (course by course). Do not request your verification report from WES until your degree has been awarded. The reports must be mailed directly to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid by WES rather than by you or another third party. Any document not mailed by WES will not be considered as a final official document. 
    5. Is there financial aid for international students?

      Yes! We award scholarships based on financial need with some component of merit. You must demonstrate financial need first, and then we will consider your scholarship based on the strength of your application. 

      Additionally, when you apply to YSE, we will grant you access to our Outside Scholarship Database, which lists scholarships for which YSE students most frequently qualify. Several of these scholarships are directed at international students and can sometimes cover quite a lot of your financial needs. PLEASE NOTE: These scholarships are offered externally to Yale. You must submit a separate application for each directly to the organization. Do not send materials to Yale. 

      Finally, we also offer an international student loan for students who are not able to find funding for their entire cost of attendance. Information on this loan can be found here.
    6. How do I apply for financial aid as an international student?

      You need to complete our application for financial aid. This is a separate form from our application for admission. You can find the form as well as other frequently asked questions on our financial aid website.
    7. When should I apply for financial aid? 

      As soon as possible! Our financial aid application deadline is February 15. Late applications will not be accepted. This means that you should not wait until you are admitted to the school to apply for financial aid. If you miss the financial aid deadline, you will not be eligible for YSE scholarships at any time during your studies at YSE.
    8. Does applying for financial aid affect my chance of getting admitted?

      No. Our admissions process is completely need blind. The admissions selection committee only reviews your admissions materials and is not provided any financial information on applicants. Our goal is to admit the very best students regardless of socioeconomic status.
    9. Will I be able to work while a student at YSE?
      Yes! You are allowed to hold one of our student assistantships without any additional documentation on your student visa being required. In order to be eligible for a student assistantship, which is considered a form of financial aid, you must submit an application for financial aid and meet the February 15 deadline mentioned above.
    10. Are the programs at YSE OPT STEM eligible?  

      Our programs do qualify as STEM for OPT purposes. If you are asking as it relates to scholarships, we encourage you to visit our website and/or program information and forward to the organization you are working with to ensure it qualifies based on their guidelines.
    11. What kind of support and engagement opportunities does YSE provide for international students during the application process?

      The YSE admissions team is available to answer questions and help guide applicants through the process. The team also provides various events and opportunities for international students to connect with current students, faculty, and international alumni throughout the admissions process.
    12. What support is available at YSE for international students?

      YSE offers a variety of organizations, centers, programs, events, and conferences for students of color as well as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office (DEI). Our Student Interest Groups (SIGs) are created and led by students. They provide opportunities to facilitate connections among students with shared identities, customs, experiences, and backgrounds to create a sense of community. The DEI Office strives to foster a school environment that supports all individuals and to increase collective learning, awareness, and empathy. The office also partners with YSE’s leadership to define the strategy for advancing diversity initiatives to create an inclusive school community.
    13. What places of worship and cultural centers are available on or near campus? 

      Please visit Yale’s Religious & Spiritual Resources website.

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