Environmental Engineering (MS)

Joint degree with Tsinghua University in Beijing, China

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    Program Overview

    Allowing students at Tsinghua to bolster their skills in environmental policy and management or enabling Yale students to enhance their expertise in key areas of environmental engineering, the joint program foci include the study of industrial systems, pollution management, water treatment, and energy technology.


    Students can earn one of four degrees from the School of the Environment (YSE): Master of Environmental Management (MEM), Master of Environmental Science (MESc), Master of Forest Science (MFS), or Master of Forestry (MF), and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Tsinghua University School of Environment.

    Course of Study

    Students entering the dual-degree program with Tsinghua will be assigned a “home” university, which will dictate the way in which the program will be completed. The two options are:

    • Tsinghua (Home University) — Half year at the Home University, one and one-half years at the Host University, and 1 year at the Home University.
    • YSE (Home University) — One year at the Home University, one and one-half years at the Host University, and half a year at the Home University. In the case where thesis research requires substantial primary data collection in the Home University, the students are encouraged to spend the summer after the second year of study at the Home University.

    Each YSE degree program requires a completion of 36 credits as well as a summer internship and a thesis or a capstone project.  In addition, all joint-degree students are required to attend three weeks of technical skills training (MODS). Students in the dual-degree program with Tsinghua will either complete MODS in the summer prior to their start (YSE as home university) or in the summer between their first and second semesters at YSE (YSE as host university).  These are hands-on workshops, offered every August, that teach plant identification, ecosystems management, land measurement, and urban ecosystem analysis. Please see Degree Programs at YSE for more information.

    At Tsinghua University, students must complete 23 credits.  Please see Tsinghua's program for more information.


    Applicants must apply to and be admitted under normal admissions procedures determined separately by each school.  While neither school will be involved in the admissions criteria for the other, administrators at both schools may discuss dual applicants, when appropriate. Students will be required to submit supporting documentation, such as transcripts, TOEFL and GRE reports, letters of recommendation, writing samples and personal statements, separately to each of SOE and YSE in accordance with their application procedure.  Students should indicate their interest in the program when they first apply to YSE as their HOME University. Their application for admission to SOE (HOST UNIVERSITY)  should be completed during their first year of study at YSE. For more information on admission, please visit YSE Masters Admissions and the Tsinghua University Admissions.


    While attending YSE full time, students pay normal tuition at YSE.  While attending Tsinghua, students pay normal tuition towards Tsinghua (more information in the "Scholarship" section of Tsinghua's program page). For more information on applying for financial aid at YSE, please see the YSE financial aid website. Students must apply for financial aid at each school, and any aid awarded will apply to the semesters in which a student is enrolled at that particular school. See the "Scholoarship" section  

    Contact Info

    School of the Environment
    195 Prospect Street
    New Haven, CT 06511
    Phone: 800 825-0330
    Joint Degree Faculty Contact
    Xuhui Lee 

    School of Environment
    Tsinghua University

    Beijing, 100084, China
    Phone: 86 10-62796342