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    1. Karen Seto Spotlighted for Earth Observation Research

      March 16, 2021

      Karen Seto, Yale School of the Environment (YSE) Frederick C. Hixon Professor of Geography Urbanization, has been named one of 15 leading women in machine learning for Earth observation by Radiant Earth Foundation for her research of global importance.

    2. ‘Outstanding Scholar’: The Yale School of the Environment Remembers Mochen Liao

      March 15, 2021

      The Yale community is mourning the loss of Mochen Liao who died March 5. Liao was focusing his studies on understanding and improving the sustainability implications of industrial processes.

    3. Part of the Solution

      March 11, 2021

      The Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture will accelerate research across academic disciplines, helping to develop a range of solutions to address climate change. YSE Dean Indy Burke talks about how YSE will be involved in the Center’s work.

    4. Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance Teams with BNY Mellon on ESG Research

      March 10, 2021

      The Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance is partnering with investment bank BNY Mellon to expand research on sustainable investing, ESG metrics, and how sustainability performance affects financial results.

    5. Portrait of Eleanor Stokes superimposed over nighttime image of Earth from space

      Eleanor Stokes Named Rising Star for Leading Role in Nighttime Satellite Imagery Project

      March 9, 2021

      Eleanor Stokes PhD ’18 has been named one of Geospatial World’s 50 Rising Stars for her work on Black Marble, NASA’s first nighttime light dataset, which provides insights on human settlements and the interactions between urban activities and the environment.

    6. The Yale School of the Environment Mourns the Loss of PhD Candidate Mochen Liao

      March 8, 2021

      On Friday night, we received the very sad news that a member of our community, Mochen Liao, had died. Mochen was a first-year doctoral student working with Dr. Yuan Yao.

    7. T sustainable featured 04 New Center 2

      Yale to Launch Center for Natural Carbon Capture

      March 3, 2021

      A $100 million gift from FedEx will help fund the new Center, which will be focused on developing natural solutions for reducing atmospheric carbon. The Center will support and accelerate research across academic disciplines, helping to establish a more sustainable and healthier future for our planet.

    8. YPCCC Helps Facebook Debunk Climate Change Myths

      February 24, 2021

      The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication is playing a key role in Facebook’s expanded effort to combat the spread of climate change misinformation on its platform. 

    9. Using Landscape Connectivity to Control Deadly Mosquito-Borne Viruses

      February 24, 2021

      A Yale-led research team has developed a new method for tracking how the deadly yellow fever mosquito moves through the environment, a potentially critical tool for controlling the insect and the diseases it spreads.

    10. New Haven Moms, URI Show the Healing Power of Community Forestry

      February 22, 2021

      When Marlene Miller Pratt lost her son to gun violence, she found solace at Marsh Botanical Gardens. She wanted to extend that healing to others and created with other moms and URI the New Haven Botanical Garden of Healing Dedicated to Victims of Gun Violence.