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    Portrait of Dr. Dorceta Taylor

    Dr. Dorceta Taylor

    Senior Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Professor of Environmental Justice
    Dr. Dorceta Taylor is a professor at the Yale School for the Environment.  Prior to that she was a professor of environmental sociology at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) for 27 years.  She was the James E. Crowfoot Collegiate Chair and the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at SEAS.   She also holds a joint appointment with the Program in the Environment. Dr. Taylor is the former Field of Studies Coordinator for SEAS’ Environmental Justice Program and a past Chair of the American Sociological Association’s Environment and Technology Section.  Professor Taylor received PhD and master’s degrees from the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the Department of Sociology at Yale University in 1991, 1988, and 1985.

    In 2014 Dr. Taylor authored a landmark national report, The State of Diversity in Environmental Institutions: Mainstream NGOs, Foundations, and Government Agencies.  She authored a second diversity report in 2014 entitled, Environmental Organizations in the Great Lakes Region: An Assessment of Institutional Diversity. | Faculty Profile

    Rob Javonillo

    Rob Javonillo

    Rob Javonillo is the assistant dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Yale School of the Environment. A native of Rhode Island, he earned a bachelor's degree in marine sciences from Boston University and a master's degree in marine biology from the College of Charleston. His doctoral research at George Washington University and the Smithsonian Institution focused on reproductive evolution in fishes.  

    He taught at two minority-serving universities in Maryland, before serving as a specialist in faculty development at the National Institutes of Health. As YSE continues to attract more diverse students, faculty, and staff, Dr. Javonillo seeks to strengthen community bonds and increase the sense of belonging.

    Chenee Gallaher

    Chenee Gallaher

    Chenee Gallaher is the assistant director of diversity, equity, and Inclusion at the Yale School of the Environment. Employed at Yale University since 2014, Chenee describes herself as someone who is “determined to make a positive mark.” She’s also confident, well-organized, and highly approachable —qualities that help her accomplish her goals. 

    Chenee graduated from Albertus Magnus College with a bachelor’s degree in business and leadership and a master’s in public administration. Chenee is a Connecticut notary, Certified Diversity Facilitative Trainer and serves as the treasurer/budget & finance for the National Association of Medical Minority Educators’ (NAMME) Northeast executive board.