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DEI — A Vision for the Future

In the next five years, we will make YSE a trailblazer in educating diverse environmental professionals in the U.S. and around the globe. 

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    One of the key priorities set forth in our 2017 strategic plan was expanding the focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at YSE. Fortunately, we were able to take a significant step forward in our DEI efforts when Dr. Dorceta Taylor became the School’s inaugural senior associate dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In her first year, Dr. Taylor led a significant community-wide effort to develop a future-oriented plan for DEI at YSE and is actively embedding this work into the broader Belonging at Yale initiative.

    Dr. Dorceta Taylor crafted the YSE DEI plan, which includes historical information as well as a vision, goals, objectives, and strategic guidance for the next five years. It provides a structure that will ensure our accountability, speaks to our strengths and our challenges, celebrates our versatility and adaptability, and will be critical to our ability to make continuing progress toward all the goals identified in the 2017 strategic plan. We encourage you to review the DEI plan so you can learn more about where we are headed in the coming years. Going forward the ambitions described in this document will be coupled with a revisiting of the broader YSE 2017 strategic plan, enabling us to weave the documents together in a celebration of our expanded ambition in many areas, but most certainly DEI. It is a very exciting time for the School.

    The DEI Office is now fully staffed — with Dr. Rob Javonillo serving as the assistant dean of DEI and Chenee Gallaher as assistant director. Dr. Taylor and the DEI team encourage you to reach out to them to discuss this plan or share DEI-related thoughts or concerns:,, and You also have the option to use the anonymous feedback form.

    They look forward to hearing from you, and the entire YSE community looks forward to continuing this work together!

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