1. Students and Faculty Prepare to Head to COP28

    Students and faculty from across YSE and Yale will be attending the annual two-week climate summit hosted by the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, where “global stocktaking,” climate finance, and youth participation are expected to take center stage.
  2. Find the Joy in Environmental Work; It’s There

    Advocates, practitioners, and academic experts from around the world shared stories about the joy of environmental work at the 5th annual Global Environmental Justice Conference held at the Yale School of the Environment Oct. 27-28.
  3. Global Trade as Part of the Climate Solution

    Yale Professor Daniel Esty and a group of international experts offered insights on how the global trade system can be restructured to combat climate change and deliver a sustainable future at a climate week panel discussion hosted by the Yale School of the Environment.
  4. Urban Forestry Is Having its Moment

    The 2023 Hixon Center Urban Conference provided researchers and practitioners with new tactics to increase tree canopy, access funding, and engage community members as stewards of urban forests.
  5. Revising the Land Ethic for an Inclusive, Sustainable Future

    How can you incorporate environmental justice into land conservation efforts when the challenges of entrenched hierarchal structures, economic inequity, and unequal access to nature still loom large? Add to this the impacts of climate change and you have a daunting mix of issues influencing our relationship with land. During a panel discussion held at Yale’s Luce Hall March 31 sponsored
  6. Bureau of Land Management Leaders Emphasize Balanced Approach to Land Use

    Bureau of Land Management Director Tracy Stone-Manning and Principal Deputy Director Nada Wolff Culver in a discussion at the Yale School of the Environment February 22 note the federal agency's dual mandate of commercial use and conservation — with an emphasis on “protect the best, preserve the rest.”
  7. Protecting the Rights of Climate Refugees, Listening to Indigenous Voices, and Ensuring a Just Transition to Clean Energy: Takeaways from the Global Environmental Justice Conference

    Highlighted by a keynote address by Georgetown Professor Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò on climate reparations, the annual Global Environmental Justice Conference explored difficult environmental justice issues including the growing scale of climate refugees, the burden food insecurity places on women, and implementing cultural preservation measures in climate action.
  8. Architect of Paris Agreement Discusses Nexus of Law and Climate Change

    At a recent conversation hosted by the Yale Environmental Dialogue and Yale Law School, former French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius explained the “unprecedented” legal challenges surrounding the climate crisis and called on nations to “urgently” fulfill their obligations set by the Paris Agreement.