Jorge Forero
Three Cairns Scholars

Jorge Andrés Forero Fajardo, Colombia

Goal: Promote environmental management strategies in Colombia that conserve ecosystem services and promote local welfare

Jorge Andrés Forero Fajardo ’25 MEM enrolled at YSE with a clear vision. “I came here with the idea of working on the conservation and protection of strategic tropical ecosystems to combat climate change and protect wildlife."

Born and raised in Colombia, Forero earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and business administration, writing an undergraduate thesis on the economic value of mangroves, which provide lots of ecosystem services, including the protection of coastlines. He continued to focus on development and environmental economics after graduation, accepting a position as a research analyst at Innovations for Poverty Action Colombia. There, he helped develop and deploy experiments related to the economics of air pollution, among other things.

At YSE, Forero has been focused on coursework and other activities that will deepen his understanding of environmental challenges through the lens of the natural and social sciences. He has been particularly grateful for YSE’s courses on forest landscape restoration, which have “opened his mind” to new ideas, like silvopastoral and agroforestry systems. He expects to bring what he has learned back to Colombia after he earns his degree.

“After graduation, I would be keen to join an environmental NGO back home and work on restoration projects that improve land use strategies,” he says. “I hope to empower communities to achieve sustainable land management.”

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