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Advocating for Renewable Energy in Sudan

Elaff Abdallah, a renewable energy specialist, has worked on a wide range of clean energy projects in Sudan. There is no lack of will in the country when it comes to the transition to clean energy, she says. However, finding the way is a challenge. She enrolled in the Financing and Deploying Clean Energy (FDCE) certificate program to round out her technical expertise with a strong foundation in renewable energy financing.


Arab African Company for Investment and Development 

As a renewable energy specialist in Sudan, Elaff Abdallah has worked on a range of clean energy projects, from small-scale residential installations to large-scale utility initiatives. There is a significant desire in the country to transition to clean energy but barriers to funding are hampering efforts, she says. 

“While technical solutions are readily available, the lack of financing options often prevents these projects from being realized. This gap needs to be filled to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in the country,” she says.

Abdallah is a technical lead at Arab African Company for Investment and Development, which focuses on sustainable development in Sudan. She was a fellow at the Enel Foundation’s Open Africa Power program and a participant in the Arab Program for Sustainable Energy Youth.

“By pursuing this certificate, I hope to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to develop innovative financing models, so I am better able to advocate for renewable energy policies and encourage private participation in the deployment of clean energy solutions for communities in Sudan,” Abdallah says.

In my current role, I have witnessed firsthand the demand for solar projects in Sudan. However, there are significant challenges in securing financing for these projects. This gap needs to be filled to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in the country.”

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