Marlyse Duguid

Marlyse Duguid

Thomas J. Siccama Senior Lecturer in Field Ecology; Research Scientist; Director of Research, Yale Forests

Dr. Duguid is a plant community ecologist, forester, field botanist, and horticulturist. She joined the faculty of YSE in 2017 as the first Thomas G. Siccama lecturer where she focuses on field-based teaching on topics around plant ecology and natural history. Dr. Duguid’s research program addresses questions with applied conservation relevance. Much of her current work is focused on understanding patterns of plant diversity and composition in temperate understory plant communities, especially in managed landscapes. Current projects examine how acute (e.g., forest harvesting) and chronic (e.g., global change, biological invasions) anthropogenic disturbances affect plant communities and other non-targer organisms. She is also interested in how "success" is evaluated following ecological restoration. A primary consideration of Dr. Duguid’s research is how data can be effectively communicated and applied to on-the-ground conservation actions. Along these lines she partners with local, regional, and national organizations to address conservation and restoration questions.


PhD, Yale University & The New York Botanical Garden;
MF, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies;
BS, Horticulture, University of CT


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