Earth Month 2023 at YSE

YSE faculty Marlyse Duguid, Anthony Leiserowitz, Sparkle Malone, and Narasimha Rao offer insights on what we can all do to combat climate change and protect the environment.

For Earth Month 2023, we asked several of our YSE faculty to talk about what lies at the heart of their work and how it could contribute to climate solutions. We also asked them what we can all do today to combat climate change and protect the environment. Find out more about their work that is helping us restore degraded urban ecosystems; better understand ecosystem function to build natural climate solutions; identify the climate change impacts of eradicating global poverty; and more effectively communicate about global warming and engage in solutions.


Narasimha Rao

What are the links between global poverty, energy use, and climate change? Narasimha Rao, associate professor of energy systems, assesses how the eradication of persistent poverty around the world would impact climate change and identifies opportunities to shift toward low-carbon pathways.

Sparkle Malone

Learn more about disturbance ecology with Sparkle Malone, assistant professor at YSE. Key takeaway: Ecosystem resiliency is vital for human resiliency! The same services that ecosystems provide for themselves are vital for enhancing our resiliency and ability to exist within landscapes.

Marlyse Duguid

Marlyse Duguid, senior lecturer and director of research for Yale Forests, says on Earth Day she hopes people not only think of the big global issues, but also of what we have in our own backyards.

Anthony Leiserowitz

Anthony Leiserowitz, YSE senior research scientist and Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC), suggests starting with a healthy dialogue.

Faculty in the News