F&ES 632b/MGT 612 / 2019-2020

Intro to Social Entrepreneurship

Credits: 3

Spring 2020: O, 2 sections: W - 4:10-7:10 or Th - 2:40-5:50, EVANS TBD

This is a practice-based course in which students form interdisciplinary teams to characterize and tackle a social challenge of their choice by designing an innovative, impactful, financially viable, and potentially scalable or replicable solution. Solutions can include products, services, methods, or systems that increase access to existing resources or generate new resources targeting or including underserved populations. These solutions can be implemented within existing organizations or by launching new organizations where there is a need. The course draws students from all programs and disciplines across the University. Students go through the stages of characterizing the challenge, co-creating the solution, ideating and iterating using human-centered design thinking, setting success metrics, and building a business model around their solution. At the end of the term, teams pitch to a panel of judges and submit a write-up. Guest social entrepreneurs and funders visit class to share their work, challenges, successes, and failures.