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    The Office of Communications serves as the liaison between media and faculty. For media inquiries and faculty interview requests, contact Please include in the body of your email the name of your publication, deadline and specific topic.

    To schedule an interview with or request comment from YSE Dean Indy Burke, please contact Paige Stein:

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    Research in the News

    a pile of wood fuel pellets

    Study Examines Potential Use of Machine Learning for Sustainable Development of Biomass

    Researchers at YSE examined machine learning’s role in promoting the sustainable design of biomass and biomass-derived materials and found few studies applied machine learning to their entire lifecycle. They say that when applied appropriately machine learning can support sustainability-informed design.

    An elephant's tusks

    Examining Changes in Public Opinion on Ivory in China

    Yale researchers used machine learning techniques to study two decades of ivory trade media coverage in China, discovering some surprising shifts in public sentiment.

    Photo of fire in the Amazon forest

    Loss of Tropical Biomass Due to Climate Change Could Lead to Increased Carbon Emissions

    A YSE-led study predicts that losses in carbon-storing biomass in tropical forests due to climate change could accelerate global warming.