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    The Office of Communications serves as the liaison between media and faculty. For media inquiries and faculty interview requests, contact Please include in the body of your email the name of your publication, deadline and specific topic.

    To schedule an interview with or request comment from YSE Dean Indy Burke, please contact Paige Stein:

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    Research in the News

    A couple reaching out to each other while riding bicycles at sunset

    Romantic Partners Can Influence Each Other’s Beliefs and Behaviors on Climate Change

    A team of researchers led by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication at YSE surveyed couples about their ideas on climate change and found that while many partners exhibited similar beliefs and behaviors around climate change, there also were some discrepancies.

    Tree-cover dominating the New Haven cityscape

    YSE-led Study Examines the Increasing Importance of Mid-Size Urban Forests

    A new study, co-authored by researchers from The Forest School at YSE, examines how New Haven’s urban forest patches change over time and management strategies for mid-size urban forests.

    aerial view illustration of lakes shaped like continents in a dense forest

    2022 Environmental Performance Index Finds World Is Not on Track to Meet Climate Commitments

    The United States is among four nations projected to fall far short of the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target established by the 2021 Glasgow Climate Pact — with over 50% of global emissions expected to come from the U.S., China, India, and Russia by 2050.