[F&ES 614] / 2019-2020

Justice, Nature, and Reflective Environmental Practice Seminar

Credits: 3


The course covers how the practical and theoretical methods used in environmental policy and planning can assist city, county, and state governments address the immediate and long-term sustainability challenges posed by global and local environmental change (such as climate change). Particular attention is focused on social institutional practices, and how race, class, and gender impact environmental participation and justice in the distribution of natural resources, such as water and air. Students examine social theories of “nature,” as well as a range of policy responses to address environmental inequities. An emphasis is placed on disadvantaged communities in the United States. Urban and sociological theories are complemented by real-world environmental controversies that require group collaboration to produce in-class presentations, role-playing negotiation case simulations, and the completion of client policy memos with regional and local policy makers that engage students critically with the course material.
Enrollment limited to 15