Who are you looking for in potential applicants? 

  • Individuals committed to the work of building and adapting cities for a changing climate 
  • Public, private, and nonprofit professionals with a bachelor's degree — especially those from the Global South — eager to learn both from the world’s foremost experts in their fields and alongside a global network of online learners 
  • Environmental leaders eager to grow in knowledge and skillset to make the greatest impact in their communities
  • Champions of equitable land use planning, clean energy deployment, low-carbon mobility, thriving greenspaces, and much more 

What requirements do you have of applicants for admission to the program?  

Please see our Admissions page which lays out application requirements for prospective applicants  

Is there an application fee? 

There is no application fee. It is important to us that this program is as accessible and affordable as possible. 

What is the cost of the program? 

The cost of tuition for the certificate is $7,500. The cost covers instruction, all online course materials, and access to the Canvas platform.  

Do I have to submit a GRE/GMAT score? 

We do not require a GRE/GMAT score for admission. 

Will the entire certificate be conducted in English? 

All certificate instruction will be conducted in English. If English is not your native language, the TOEFL is required unless the applicant has used English as a primary language in a professional or academic setting (graduate or undergraduate). 

Are there scholarships available? 

This program does have funding available to students who apply. While completing your application, you can choose to apply for scholarships. The process requires answering 1 scholarship-related question which we will use to determine your eligibility. Scholarships will be applied directly to one’s tuition bill. 

What is the application deadline? 

The application deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year is Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The scholarship application deadline is the same day and is submitted alongside the program application. 

After submitting my application, when can I expect to receive an admission and scholarship decision? 

Program staff will work diligently to thoroughly evaluate and review each application, and intend to provide applicants with admissions decisions around late-May to early-June 2024.  

What is the weekly time commitment? 

Aware that most of you will likely have full-time careers to attend to, we want to ensure we offer a program that is rigorous, but not overwhelming, and flexible with the schedule. You should expect roughly 5-7 hours of work per week. This includes roughly 1 hour of lectures in addition to several hours for both readings and assignments.  

How are the certificate courses delivered? 

All five courses within the certificate and each of their modules will be delivered online through Canvas, a user-friendly online education platform. All lectures, readings, and assignments will be made available to participants on Canvas. 

Do I need to come to campus? 

The entirety of the course will take place virtually, thus allowing participants of the certificate program to apply from around the world.  

What kind of access will I have to the teaching team? 

Online learners will have access to the teaching team through two primary points of access. The first of which is the recorded lectures they will have access to each week. The second includes appearances at weekly online sessions with the entire cohort of online learners in which faculty will attend as they are able. 

Will I need to purchase any additional materials? 

You will not need to purchase any additional materials. All readings will be made available via our online platform Canvas in the form of PDF documents that are downloadable to your device. 

Are there any specific software or hardware requirements for this virtual certificate? 

No. All that is technologically required to successfully participate in this program is a stable internet connection to stream lectures, access Canvas, and complete assignments.  

How do I talk about this with my employer?  

We encourage you to enquire with your employer whether training and professional development funds may be applied to finance this program. You can use this sample email to start the conversation

I was admitted to the program. I filled out my intent to enroll, and I paid my tuition. Now what? 

Given there is no work to complete prior to the start of the program, we invite you to turn your attention to some important dates. Please see the Important Dates page to learn more. 

Do I receive college credit or a degree upon completion of this certificate?  

While this certificate was built to the standards of an accredited university such as the Yale School of the Environment, neither college credit nor a degree is conferred upon completion.  

Will I receive a certificate of completion? 

Yes! Upon completion, you will receive a certificate signed by the Dean of the Yale School of the Environment certifying that you completed the program