F&ES 953a,b / 2017-2018

Business and the Environment Consulting Clinic

Credits: 3
Fall 2017: Tu,Th, 10:00-11:20, Kroon 319
Spring 2018: Tu,Th, 10:30-11:50, Kroon 319
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In this class, students work as a team on a specific project for an external organization. It provides students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of business and environmental issues to real-life situations. It also provides a unique opportunity for students to manage a real-life client consulting engagement. Examples of projects include (1) developing a sustainability reporting strategy for a company; (2) assessing water risk in a company’s supply chain; and (3) recommending operational improvements around energy usage, waste disposal, etc. The intent is to provide a “capstone” experience, calling for the application of skills and tools learned from previous classes. Class sessions consist of a mix of in-class lectures, team meetings with the instructor, and guest lecturers. Lectures address topics such as project management and business strategy. Guest speakers discuss various environmental and sustainability topics such as sustainability reporting, and environmental certifications and labeling. Prerequisites for F&ES students applying to the clinic are at least one of the following courses (or equivalent experience): F&ES 578a, 680a, 807a, 821b.

Prerequisites for F&ES 953:
F&ES 578: PSC: Financial Concepts for Environmental Managers (6 week course, Oct 23-Dec 4)
F&ES 680: Forest and Ecosystem Finance
F&ES 807: Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy
F&ES 821: Private Investment and the Environment: Legal Foundations and Tools
SOM students need to have completed their first term at the School.
Limited to 24
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