F&ES 654a/MCDB 660a/EVST 260

Anatomy, Physiology, and Development of Trees and Other Vascular Plants

Credits: 3 Fall 2016: M,W, 4:00-5:20, Marsh Rotunda
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This course focuses on two aspects of plant life: (1) basic processes that drive plant development, such as seed formation, germination, seedling establishment, maturation, and senescence; and (2) basic structure and function of plants (such as root systems, leaf formation and development, height, and diameter growth). Differences between different groups of seed plants are analyzed from structural, functional, ecological, and evolutionary standpoints. Special attention is given to woody plants and their importance in the biosphere and human life. Coverage includes tropical, temperate, and boreal trees. Plant biology is discussed in the context of physiological and structural adaptations in terms of strength, storage, and water and solute transport. Prerequisite: general biology or permission of the instructor.

Prerequisite: general biology or botany or the equivalent, or permission of the instructor.
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