F&ES 625b / 2018-2019

Writing Workshop

Credits: 3

Spring 2019: Tu, 1:00-3:50, Sage 41c

This is a practical course aimed at helping students improve their writing. The goal is not to try to shape students into professional writers, but rather to develop their writing skills and make them better able to communicate their work and ideas through writing – writing that is clear, accessible, and free of jargon. Students will be required to write short pieces each week and will have the option of writing one longer article. The class is organized as a workshop, with students reading and commenting on each other’s work. The instructor will be available for weekly meetings with students to discuss their writing. There will be regular readings of articles or short book selections, but the focus will be on developing the students’ own writing. Students will be evaluated on: completing all assignments on time; the quality of their work; the progress their writing shows over the course of the class; and participation in discussions. 
Limited to 12 students