Joint Master’s Programs

  1. University Landscapes: An Opportunity for Agroforestry

    What does a university landscape look like? In a new article, F&ES student Emily Sigman writes that when we place landscapes “in the background,” and fail to highlight the interaction between humans and nature, we miss a tremendous opportunity.
  2. Three Yale Students Named Wyss Scholars

    Lani Chang ’22 MEM, Kyle Lemle ’22 MF and Helia Bidad ’22 JD have been named 2021 Wyss Scholars, a program that supports graduate-level education for the next generation of leaders in western land conservation.
  3. The Judge and the Frog: Student Takes Expertise to Supreme Court

    Dual-degree student Katie Bleau ’20 M.E.M.  was at the United States Supreme Court on one of the more important moments in its recent history — but not for the reason you think. She tells the story of her role in an important endangered species case on a memorable day in Washington.