Simon Queenborough

Musser Director of Tropical Resources Institute, Lecturer and Research Scientist

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Tel: 203-432-3660



B.A. University of Cambridge (UK) M.Sc. University of Edinburgh and Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh (UK) Ph.D. University of Aberdeen


Dr. Queenborough is a botanical ecologist whose work focuses on how individuals, species and communities (including humans) interact over ecological and evolutionary time. Over the past 15 years, he has spent long periods in the field in Latin America and Europe, carrying out long-term research on plant population dynamics in old-growth tropical forests and managed arable farming communities. Current research interests include understanding mechanisms of diversity, breeding systems and resource allocation, and quantitative methods in population dynamics. Current teaching interests include tropical field courses, statistical analyses in the software R, and the graphical presentation of data.

Dr. Queenborough is the Director of the Tropical Resources Institute. His office is in 301 Prospect St.