Thomas E. Graedel

Clifton R. Musser Professor Emeritus of Industrial Ecology, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering

Tel: 203-432-9733

Faculty Support

Timothy De Cerbo

Room 203
380 Edwards Street
New Haven, CT

Education & Curriculum Vitae

B.S., Washington State University
M.A., Kent State University
M.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan.

Curriculum Vitae



Professor Graedel was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering for “outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of industrial ecology, 2002.” His research is centered on developing and enhancing industrial ecology, the organizing framework for the study of the interactions of the modern technological society with the environment. His textbook, Industrial Ecology, cowritten with B. R. Allenby of AT&T, was the first book in the field and is now in its second edition. It, and his 2004 textbook Greening the Industrial Facility, are used for F&ES courses of the same names. His current interests include studies of the flows of materials within the industrial ecosystem and the development of analytical tools to assess the environmental characteristics of products, processes, the service industry, and urban infrastructures. He is a fellow of Pierson College.



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