Organizational Unit Sort descending Type Abbreviation Email Telephone Building
Academic Affairs, Office of Department KRN 106
Admissions and Financial Aid, Office of PROS300
Applied Science Synthesis Program, Yale Program YASSP MARSH
Biospheric Studies, Yale Institute for Center YIBS
Business and Environment at Yale, Center for Center CBEY 203-432-5887 KRN G31
Business Office Department 203-432-5104 SB 24A, 25, 26
Career and Professional Development, Office of Department CPD 203-432-8920 KRN 103
Climate Change Communication, Yale Program on Program YPCCC 203-432-5055 SB
Communications, Office of Department 203-436-4842 SB 46
Conservation Scholars - Early Leadership Initiative , Yale Program KRN
Dean, Office of the Department 203-432-5109 KRN 231
Development & Alumni Services, Office of Department 203-432-5697 SB 20
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Office of Department DEI 203-432-6618
Doctoral Program Department 203-432-5146 KRN 133
Environmental Fellows Program Program EFP PROS301
Environmental Law & Policy, Yale Center for Center YCELP 203-432-6065 KRN G01
Environmental Leadership Training Initiative Program ELTI 203-436-9246 PROS301 201
Facilities, Office of Department 203-436-1963 SB
Faculty Support Department
Forest Forum, Yale Program YFF MARSH
Forests Dialogue, The Program TFD 203-432-5966 MARSH 30
Green Chemistry & Engineering at Yale, Center for Center 203-436-4944 GML
Hixon Center for Urban Sustainability Center 203-432-6570 PROS301 102, 108
Human Resources, Office of Department HR SB 5
Industrial Ecology, Center for Center CIE 203-436-4421 EDW380 204
Industrial Ecology, Journal of Publication JIE 203-432-6949 EDW380 301
Information Technology, Office of Department YSE IT 203-436-4444 SB 35, 36, 38
Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Sustainability Initiative Program JEDSI PROS301
Mailroom Department 203-432-2099 KRN G11
Natural Carbon Capture, Yale Center for Center 203-432-3153 WGS
Religion and Ecology, Yale Forum on Program FORE KRN
Research, Office of Department PROS300 201, 202, 203
SEARCH Center: Solutions for Energy, Air, Climate, and Health Program SEARCH 203-436-9124 SB
Student Affairs, Office of Department 203-432-6286 KRN 101
Tropical Resources Institute Center TRI 203-432-3660 PROS301 202
Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative Program Ucross SB 41 D
Undergraduate Environmental Studies Program Department EVST 203-432-9868 KRN G04
Urban Resources Initiative Program URI 203-432-6570 PROS301 102
Yale Environment 360 Publication E360 203-436-4845 SB 33A
Yale Forests, The Program 203-432-5134 MARSH