Y. Yao

Yuan Yao

Assistant Professor of Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Systems

Dr. Yuan Yao is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Systems at the Yale School of the Environment. Her research is motivated by the increasing need for sustainable solutions that can support industrial development without compromising the environment or depleting the resources for future generations. Her research investigates how emerging technologies and industrial development will affect the environment. She uses interdisciplinary approaches in industrial ecology, sustainable engineering, and machine learning to develop systems analysis tools to support engineering and policy decisions towards sustainability. She develops new methods and integrated modeling frameworks to assess, advance, and optimize industrial systems for improved environmental and societal outcomes. Current research projects focus on the bioeconomy and sustainable production.

Dr. Yao received the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER). She has been named to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers "35 Under 35" list for emerging leaders in chemical engineering. Dr. Yao also serves as the Associate Editor for Resources, Conservation & Recycling, a leading journal in sustainable management and conservation of resources. Dr. Yao has been leading collaborative projects with U.S. national labs, private companies, and non-profits. 

She got her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University and a B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Northeastern University in China.  She also has a Management for Scientists and Engineers from Kellogg School of Management.

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Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University;
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, Northeastern University;
Management for Scientists and Engineers, Kellogg School of Management


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