Maya Almaraz

Associate Research Scientist

Feeding the world, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving nature, is one of the greatest challenges of this century. I am a biogeochemist specializing in carbon and nitrogen cycling. The applied science implications of my research thus focus on developing carbon drawdown technology while finding ways to sustainably produce food for a growing global population. My research incorporates basic scientific questions related to biogeochemical cycling with applied research aimed at solving environmental problems related to food systems and climate change. I employ emerging laboratory, field, and data science techniques with the goal of translating ecological knowledge into applications that have benefits for the economy and human well-being. I enjoy conducting innovative applied and policy relevant research and synthesizing that research for academic audiences and the public.

Research Topics
  • Enhanced weathering

  • Natural climate solutions

  • Nitrogen pollution

  • Global food systems


PhD, Brown University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
BS, University of California, Berkeley, Conservation and Resource Studies         
BA, University of California, Berkeley, Public Health