Alex G. Muñoz

Alex G. Muñoz

Dorothy S. McCluskey Fellow in Conservation, Associate Research Scholar

Alex Muñoz is the McCluskey Fellow in Conservation at Yale School of the Environment. For the past eight years, he was director for Latin America for National Geographic's Pristine Seas program, which is dedicated to exploring, studying and protecting the world's last wild places in the ocean.

In collaboration with national governments, local communities and conservation groups, he led the designation the largest marine reserves in Latin America, covering 1.3 million square kilometers of ocean, which are now completely protected from fishing and mining activities.

Alex also led important legal changes in Chile such as the prohibition of bottom trawling on all seamounts in Chilean waters, the establishment of the first science-based fishing quotas system, the ban on shark finning and the first transparency obligations on the use of antibiotics by the salmon industry.

Alex Muñoz was named Yale World Fellow in 2019. He has a law degree from the University of Chile and a Master's degree in international and comparative law from George Washington University.

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