Inclusive Sustainability Approaches in Common-Pool Resources from the Perspective of Blackologists

Nyeema Harris and 5 other contributors

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    The tragedy of the commons posits that depletion of common resources harms all stakeholders. Although such a downward spiral is plausible, the potential outcomes are far more complex. In the present article, we report on this coupled feedback between resource strategies and the environment from the perspective of Blackologists. We fully embrace that our understanding and appreciation for nature are inherently shaped by our identity, culture, and lived experiences. First, we deconstruct the uses and beneficiaries of the shared resource. Then, we identify potential cascades of conflict through the lens of resource partitioning, plasticity, and mitigation strategies recognizing the inherent human dimension nested within these dynamics. We emphasize that who studies these processes can alter the framing and outcome of the tragedy through several case studies. We recommend that avoidance of environmental tragedies is possible with inclusive engagement, interdisciplinarity, and oversight at different spatial and temporal scales.