Eli Fenichel

Associate Professor

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Tel: 203 432-5114



Research Interests

My research approaches natural resource management and sustainability as a portfolio management problem by considering natural resources as a form of capital. I am interested in how people can and do allocate natural resources and natural resource risks through time.  This leads to a strong interest in feedbacks among humans, ecosystems, and the management of coupled ecological-economic processes. My research is applied in a wide variety of systems including: natural capital valuation, fisheries, infectious disease, groundwater, tropical forests, and grasslands. For more information see the Research page.


bioeconomics; coupled human-natural systems; natural capital; ecosystem services; dynamics.   


Position and natural capital research are generously supported by the Knobloch Family Foundation

Infectious disease; Linkages between locusts, livestock management, nitrogen cycling, and markets; Ecosystem Services in the Panama Canal Watershed; and fisheries and climate change research supported by the National Science Foundation

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