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December 15, 2014 (priority)
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2014 Incoming Student Profile

  • Students from 34 U.S. states & territories and 25 countries
  • 58% female, 42% male
  • 31% international
  • 16% U.S. minorities
  • Average age of students: 27 years
  • Average undergraduate GPA: 3.59
  • Average GRE scores (no minimum):
    Verbal 610/160, Quantitative 700/155, Writing 4.5
  • Average of 2-4 years of professional experience prior to enrollment

Masters Programs at F&ES

Founded in 1901, F&ES is one of Yale University’s 13 graduate and professional schools. It is the oldest professional forestry school in the nation.

F&ES offers four 2-year degree programs—Master of Environmental Management (MEM), Master of Environmental Science (MESc), Master of Forestry (MF), and Master of Forest Science (MFS). F&ES also offers two 10-month programs (MEM and MF) for mid-career professionals with at least 7 years of experience.

Areas of study include: Ecosystem Conservation and Management; Forestry, Forest Science and Forest Management; Business and the Environment; Climate Science, Adaptation and Mitigation; Energy and the Environment; Environmental Policy Analysis; Human Dimensions of Environmental Management; Sustainable Land Management; Sustainable Urban and Industrial Systems; and Water Resources Management.

Joint degree programs are available with Yale Schools of Management; Law; Divinity; Architecture; Public Health; International Development Economics; and International Relations. Joint degree programs are also available with Vermont Law School and Pace Law School, and a joint program is offered in Management with the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, tuition was $36,940 with an additional $15,368 estimated for books, health insurance and living expenses.

In 2014, F&ES had approximately $4.5 million in scholarships available to award to master’s students. Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated financial need and academic merit, and range in award availability and size. For more information on the financial aid process, please visit Financial Aid.
Yale F&ES Blog
Hello from New Haven!

Hello from New Haven! I’m Jules, a first-year Master of Environmental Management (MEM) student here at F&ES and a new member of the admissions team.  I came to F&ES to learn more about coastal and marine policy and management, with the hopes of working with and managing marine protected areas.

I’m a Southern California native, and grew up exploring the beaches of Los Angeles, kayaking and snorkeling around the Channel Islands, and hiking the San Gabriel Mountains. In pursuit of my childhood dream to become a marine biologist, I left California for the east coast to study marine sciences, as well as biology and earth sciences at Boston University. While there, I had the opportunity to study coastal biogeochemical regimes in different parts of the US, coral reef dynamics…


Hello! My name is Anne Haas and I am excited to be joining the admissions team! I am a joint Master of Environmental Management (MEM)/law (JD) student with Pace Law School. I am particularly interested in ecosystem conservation and management, ocean law and policy, and endangered species.

I am originally from the Southern Maine Coast; I spent many childhood summers exploring tide pools, building sand castles, and braving the cold ocean water. After high school, I traded the Atlantic Ocean for the Great Lakes. I attended Lake Forest College just north of Chicago where I majored in environmental studies and French and minored in biology. College provided a number of new and exciting experiences: I studied abroad in

New Student Profile: Nathan Hall

On a bright afternoon two days after the beginning of classes, first-year student Nathan Hall took some time to sit down with me outside Kroon Hall to talk about the path that has led him to FES. He was born and raised in the coalfields of eastern Kentucky.  His family has lived there since the revolutionary war. But the region has faced considerable challenges in modern times. “I’m from the most unhealthy and poorest congressional district in the US,” said Nathan. “It’s had a monolithic extractive economy for some time,” he continued, pointing out the detrimental effects this has had on both environment and economy. Growing up there, his primary goal was to escape. He moved to Louisville as a teenager, and it was there that he became aware of…

New Student Profile: Pamela Soto

Pamela Soto is the sole graduate of Yale College in this year’s first-year class at FES. She is in the 5-year program, which allows Yale College students to complete their degree at FES in just a year. Pamela deferred a year before coming to FES and returned to her hometown of New York City to work with the New York City Parks and Recreation Department. She worked in communications for the Bronx River Alliance, which focuses on the ecological restoration of the Bronx River. They’re working on acquiring parkland along the river and turning it bit by bit into a greenway. Pamela did outreach and helped to create maps of parkland in the Bronx.

Pamela was an Environmental Studies major and focused on international environmental policy. Since the EVST…

New Student Profile: James Albis

James Albis has roots in the New Haven area. Born at Yale-New Haven Hospital, he grew up and currently lives in East Haven. His family has a long history of community involvement. His mom was a teacher and then served on the East Haven Board of Education. His father helped run mayoral campaigns, and was himself elected Judge of Probate in East Haven. Their work inspired James to become involved in local politics. He has served as a state representative in the Connecticut General Assembly since 2011. As a state politician, James has been very active in environmental issues.  He was appointed vice chairman of the Environment Committee, and serves on the Speaker’s Taskforce on Shoreline Preservation.

James studied economics at NYU before becoming a state representative. He became…

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