[F&ES 866a/LAW 21566b] / 2019-2020

Climate Change and Animal Law

Credits: 2-3
Fall 2019: Time and location TBA


This course examines the relationship between climate change, humans, and animals. With few exceptions, researchers and policy advocates looking at the impact of climate change on animals tend to focus on species loss and biodiversity at a macro level. But climate change is also having profound impacts on the individual lives and well-being of billions of animals. Large-scale human use of animals for food is also a significant and often overlooked cause of climate change emissions. The course seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the impacts of climate change on animals; the power dynamic between privileged human actors and the disenfranchised victims of climate change; and the intersection of animal welfare, environmentalism, food policy, and climate change. The course is organized partly as a traditional seminar and partly as a collective research endeavor to gather and analyze information on this significant and neglected topic. As part of the course experience, students work in small groups to conduct research and write a report on an underdeveloped topic concerning animals and climate change. The various sub-reports are edited into a single white paper that will be distributed to the animal welfare, environmental, food policy, and climate change advocacy communities. Paper required. Enrollment limited.