[F&ES 830b/ARCH 3288] / 2019-2020


Credits: 3

Spring 2020: Time and location TBA

The MANY seminar continues work on the MANY project—an online platform to facilitate migration through an exchange of needs. Initiated at Yale in 2017 and exhibited at the Venice Biennale, MANY presents the opportunity to organize an interdisciplinary university-wide seminar that assembles professors and guests to critically consider the project and rehearse strategies for realizing it.

MANY rethinks cosmopolitan mobility for all those who might say “We don’t want your citizenship or your victimhood or your segregation or your bad jobs. We don’t want to stay.” For the MANY project, migration is, not crisis, but a historical constant.  It connects existing visa sponsoring networks with spatial projects so that cities can bargain with their underexploited spaces to attract a changing influx of talent and resources—matching their needs with the needs of mobile people to generate mutual benefits

The seminar offers lectures and readings by thinkers, authors, strategists, developers, film makers, policy-makers, activists and urbanists from Yale faculty and outside guests together with workshops and one final presentation/symposium. A cohort of 12-18 students, working in four to six teams of three or four, will develop the project. Teams will explore such things as Digital Architecture and Financing, Laws/Standards/Visas, Architecture/Urbanism/Landscape, Political/Economic/Environmental Migration, and Cultural Narratives of Migration. All coding, visa research and urban research to date together with a growing compendium of links and press will be made available to all groups at the outset. The final presentation, organized by students, will offer the platform and its development timeline to potential partners interested in its realization. Enrollment is limited to 18. While graduate and undergraduate students may work together in a group, undergraduates will receive individual grades for each of three assignments as well as the final project.