ENV 664b (Online) / 2020-2021

Managing River Systems in a Changing Landscape

Credits: 3
Teaching Mode: Online

Spring 2021: Tu,Th, 5:30-6:50, online

The course provides an introduction to how fluvial processes reflect the dynamic interaction of water, sediment, and the landscape across multiple time and space scales in support of sustainable river management and restoration. The course covers key concepts in fluvial geomorphology and includes up-to-date applications for supporting decision-making and policy development related to current river management, rehabilitation, and protection topics. The course is taught at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level. The content is rigorous but with an underpinning of understanding that students will be coming from a diverse range of backgrounds. This diversity will also be highlighted and explored during the course. The course, taught in the Yale School of the Environment is aligned with degree programs of master’s and Doctoral Programs in Environmental Management (MEM), Forestry (MF), Forest Science (MF), Environmental Science (MESc), and joint degrees. It is especially fitting for the Water Resource Science and Management specialization in MEM. Other learning communities may include Climate Change Science and Solutions and Ecosystem Management and Conservation.
Limited to 25