[F&ES 616a/MGT 867] / 2019-2020

Business and Environment Solutions: 7 by 7 (Fall-2)

Credits: 1.5
Fall 2019: Time and location TBA

7x7: Seven wicked challenges in business and the environment – seven weeks to come up with a solution.
You have studied business and the environment for years and you are left with the feeling that there is a lot of talk out there and very few solutions. Here is your chance to try to address some of the stickiest, and yet tangible, challenges at the intersection of business and the environment.
In this project-based course, we present student teams with 7 constrained, yet recalcitrant challenges at the intersection of business and the environment on day one. In each challenge, we have a potential game-changing idea to address a major environmental problem, but little idea how to make that idea into a reality through business.
Each team will select one challenge[1]. Seven weeks later, your team will present your business solution.
In the meantime, we will provide resources (people, literature, frameworks, standards, tools and suggestions) to help you explore the ins and outs of your challenge. We call these resource packs a ‘live-case study’ as they require interaction with live experts in the field. We will also provide a weekly discussion with faculty, entrepreneurs, innovators and out-of-the-box business thinkers that are working on other challenges in the field so that you can glean ideas on how to think about your challenge in new and innovative ways.
We will not provide any solutions, because there are no solutions yet. At the end of the class, we will judge each other based on your process of thinking through the problems, the comprehensiveness of analysis, the implementability and expected effectiveness of the business solution and the skill with which you present your case.
This course is appropriate for those students with a background and curriculum experience in both business and the environment. Our expectation is that students will have sufficient familiarity with their team challenge to ‘hit the ground running’.
[1] Teams may select their own challenge, but resource packs will only provided for the seven challenges below