ENV 612a (Tentative) () (Tentative) / 2021-2022

Waste and Materials Management: Fundamentals and Frontiers

Note: this course information is for the 2021-2022 academic year, not the current academic year (2020-2021).
Credits: 2 or 3
Fall 2021: Time and location TBA

This course introduces and formalizes concepts related to waste and materials management seen from perspectives of operations, policy, and business. Because there is no disposal-free society, learning about waste that remains waste is a key element of the class. Interest in using wastes as resources opens up other questions related to materials management, policy and regulation, and finance and economics. One goal is to examine fundamentals including generation, collection, processing (e.g., by recycling and composting), and landfilling. Key materials such as paper, plastic, industrial waste, and hazardous waste receive individual attention. A second goal is to describe and discuss alternative futures for waste and materials using ideas drawn from industrial ecology and technology. Half of each class session is devoted to structured learning of fundamentals, and the second half brings in frontiers through readings and student-led discussions. Students who wish to engage in and complete a waste and materials research project in conjunction with the research team can sign up for an additional credit
Limited to twenty