ENV 650b (Online) / 2020-2021

Seminar in Wildland Fire Science and Management

Credits: 2 or 3
Teaching Mode: Online

Spring 2021: M, 4:00-5:20, online

The goal of this seminar is to offer an introduction to the ecology, management, and policy drivers of wildland fire. In this seminar, we seek to build a base of knowledge and understanding regarding fire and its applications/management in modern forestry. We start by learning the basic history and ecology of forest fire, then look at landscape-level fire behavior, prescribed fire applications, and the drivers of catastrophic fire. The course concludes with an applied field learning experience managing fire at YaleMyers Forest. We meet once a week with a guest Zoom lecturer from the field of fire ecology and management joining most weeks. Each week, there will be a presentation followed by a discussion around the lecture content and reading material assigned by the guest lecturer. Students are expected to have read the papers and to come with questions and thoughts ready to discuss.
Limited to 15