[F&ES 969b] / 2015-2016

Rapid Assessments in Forest Conservation

Credits: 3

Spring 2016: Time and location TBA


An advanced interdisciplinary course concerned with assessing the protection and management of biologically diverse, complex forested ecosystems that produce various goods and services. Examples of independent case analyses concern landscape management of biogeographic regions in the Pacific Northwest, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Belize, central and southern Mexico, and the Panama Canal Watersheds. Students are encouraged to travel on extended class field trips to these regions. Three hours lecture. Eight days fieldwork. Next offered Spring 2017

Prerequisites for F&ES 969:
F&ES 659: Principles in Applied Ecology: The Practice of Silviculture (Friday field trips)
F&ES 660: Forest Dynamics: Growth and Development of Forest Stands
F&ES 804: Economics of Natural Resource Management
or permission of the instructor.
Limited enrollment.