F&ES 894a / 2015-2016

Green Building: Issues and Perspectives

Credits: 3
Fall 2015: Th, 1:00-3:50, Kroon G01
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This course will examine green building from a variety of perspectives, placing it in a technical, social, financial, and historical context. The task of reducing the environmental impact of our buildings requires cross-disciplinary integration and touches nearly every aspect of our lives as occupants and managers of interior spaces. Individual topics in green building—such as building science, indoor environmental quality, innovative finance, and public- and private-sector programs—will be covered through research, class discussion, guest lectures, and group projects. Great emphasis will be placed on the practical challenges and opportunities that green building presents to building and non-building professionals working together to design, specify, construct, operate, renovate, and finance our nation’s buildings

Limited to 24
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