F&ES 888a/ARCH 4226 / 2015-2016

Ecological Urban Design

Credits: 3
Fall 2015: O, Tues - 3:30-5:20; Wed 9:00-10:20, ARCH - RDH - Tues - Rm 322; Wed Rm 603
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Modern ecological sciences are moving beyond the traditional investigation of remnant ecological patterns and processes in and around cities to address urban systems as complex ecosystems. This shift in focus from ‘the ecology in cities’ to a focus on ‘the ecology of cities’ has catalyzed a new discourse in urban ecology and its engagement with a widening has raised questions such as: how do we define and shape urban ecosystems; and how can we implement effective and adaptable research and design methods specific to urban sites and human subjects. This course attempts to shape that discourse through a cross-disciplinary study of the ecology of and design for built environments. It explores the theory and practice of urban ecology and design through an integrative and interactive process. The course is divided into three phases. Phase one provides an introduction to urban ecology focusing on current research methods and applied ecological management. In phase two students will research landscape, urban and infrastructure design precedents that incorporate ecological applications. The third phase consists of a collaborative design process intended to balance ecological goals with design goals and explore options for the kinds of urban forms or aesthetics that result from integrating ecological information and analysis with landscape and urban design.

Limited to 18
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