F&ES 850b / 2015-2016

International Organizations and Conferences

Credits: 3

Spring 2016: Tu, 11:00-1:50, Kroon G01
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This course focuses on an international environmental conference or symposium and the organization that sponsors the event. Both theoretical and clinical approaches are used. The course studies the mission of the organization and the role of the conference. Students prepare individual and group papers suitable for presentation at the conference. Every attempt is made to have the students participate in the conference, even if it occurs in the next term, but attendance is not guaranteed. The class has studied and participated in the 5th World Parks Congress, Durban, South Africa, 2003; the World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, 2004, and in Barcelona, Spain, 2008; and the UNEP Council Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya, 2005. Since 2009 students have participated in the climate COPs.This course is co-taught with an advanced doctoral student or visiting faculty member who brings knowledge of the specific organization and subject matter being studied.

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