F&ES 787Ea / 2015-2016

The Worldview of Thomas Berry: Flourishing of the Earth Community

Credits: 2
Fall 2015: Tu, 4:00-5:15 discussions, ISPS Room A001
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Please note: this is an online course - Course dates: Wed, Sept 2 - Tuesday, Oct 13. You must start on Wed, Sept 2, no exceptions.
You will also have weekly meetings on Wednesdays, 4:00-5:15 at ISPS Classroom A001

There will be a special introduction (and shopping period) to the course on Wednesday September 2nd:
ISPS classroom A002
We will review the syllabus and watch a film entitled Thomas Berry: The Great Story
Please join the course on ClassesV2 or email erik.norell@yale.eduto access the syllabus in advance and receive an invite to the online system.
Thomas Berry (1914–2009) was a historian of religions who was an early and significant voice awakening religious sensibilities to the environmental crisis. He is particularly well known for articulating a "Universe Story" that explores the world-changing implication of evolutionary sciences. This six-week hybrid online course investigates the life and thought of Thomas Berry in relation to the field of religion and ecology as well as the Journey of the Universe project. As an overview course it draws on his books, articles, and recorded lectures to examine such ideas as the New Story, the Great Work, and the Ecozoic era. In addition, the course explores Berry's studies in world religions including Buddhism, Confucianism, and indigenous traditions. Finally, the course highlights his challenge to Christianity to articulate theologies of not only divine-human relations, but also human-Earth relations This is an online hybrid course; no shopping after Sept 2.
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