F&ES 720a / 2015-2016

Introduction to R

Credits: 3
Fall 2015: M,W, 9:00-10:20, Bowers
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This seminar will provide an overview and introduction to the statistical software R for the analysis and presentation of natural and social science data.
We will follow a flipped style of teaching, with readings and presentations done independently outside of the classroom: class time will primarily be used for working through examples and problems as a class or individually.
The course will provide practical training in R for the theoretical courses such as Introduction to Statistics in the Environmental Sciences (F&ES 510a) and Regression Modeling of Ecological and Environmental Data (F&ES 753a). They can be taken concurrently or sequentially.
Objectives of the course:
  1. Become familiar with R, importing and exporting data and the various forms of data.
  2. Become confident using R for the management, description, analysis and visualisation of data.
  3. Learn best practices of data exploration, analysis and visualisation.
  4. Become confident to keep self-learning R and where to get help.
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