F&ES 743a/F&ES 443 / 2014-2015

Environmental Chemical Analysis

Credits: 3
Fall 2014: M,W, M-1:00-2:50; W 1:00-3:50, ESC 200
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An overview of techniques and instrumentation used for the chemical analysis of environmental samples. Theory is taught together with hands-on practical skills through a combination of weekly lectures and labs. Focus is on the principles for quantitative analysis of nutrients, major ions, trace metals, and trace organics. Techniques include titrations, spectrophotometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and electrochemistry. The analysis procedures are relevant to water, soil, sediment, plants, and air analysis. Individuals currently engaged in or interested in lab-based research should benefit most from the course. Two hours lecture and three hours lab.

Prerequisites: CHEM 112/114 or equivalent.
Enrollment limited to twelve.
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