Tropical Resources, Volumes 32 & 33

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  • Lauren Baker, 2012 TRI Fellow
    Of Ants and Tigers: Indigenous Politics Regarding Oil Concessions in the Peruvian Amazon The First Year of — “PUINAMUDT” (HTML | PDF)
  • Erin Beasley, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Non-profit Perspectives on “Food Security with Sovereignty” in Cochabamba, Bolivia (HTML | PDF)
  • William Burch,
    The More We Circle Back, The More We Circle Back — TRI At 30 (HTML | PDF)
  • Caitlin Doughty, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Examining Participation and Power Between Local Actors in the Peruvian Andes: Andean Ecosystem Association and the Indigenous Communities of the Vilcanota (HTML | PDF)
  • Ashwini Srinivasamohan , 2013 TRI Fellow
    Middle-Class Environmental Subjecthoods Around Waste in Chennai, India (HTML | PDF)
  • Yiting Wang, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Negotiating Access: The Social Processes of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cookstove Dissemination Intervention in Himachal Pradesh, India (HTML | PDF)
  • Thomas Owens, 2012 TRI Fellow
    The Local Socio-economic Impacts of Wind Power Development in Northeastern Brazil and the Potential for Conflict or Collaboration Between Developers and Communities (HTML | PDF)
  • Rauf Prasodjo, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Land-Use Planning for Climate Change? Subnational Case Studies from Brazil and Indonesia (HTML | PDF)
  • Jessica Brooks, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Failure and Potential: Rainwater Harvesting in a Rural, Mountainous Haitian Village (HTML | PDF)
  • Elizabeth Tellman, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Land Use Change and Ecosystem Service Sheds: Where Does Deforestation Impact Flood Mitigation in El Salvador? (HTML | PDF)
  • Ambika Khadka, 2012 TRI Fellow
    Predicting the Effects of Different Land-Use Scenarios on Water Availability Using a Hydrological Model (HTML | PDF)
  • Stephanie Stefanski, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Integrating Tourism, Conservation, and Development: Perspectives from International and Domestic Tourists in Península Valdés (Patagonia), Argentina (HTML | PDF)
  • Kelly J. Stoner, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Improving Conservation Monitoring by Designing Collaborative Research Programs: Lessons from a Camera-Trap Study in Northern Tanzania (HTML | PDF)
  • Matthew Bare, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Forest Restoration in the Tropical Andes: Active Conservation in a Biodiversity Hotspot (HTML | PDF)
  • Yufang Gao, 2013 TRI Fellow
    Elephant Ivory Trade in China: Comparing Different Perspectives (HTML | PDF)
  • Ellen Arnstein, 2012 TRI Fellow
    Forest Inventory and Quantification of Stored Carbon in the Bolivian Chaco (HTML | PDF)