Tropical Resources, Volume 34

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  • Erin Beasley, Tamara Thomas, & Katelyn Liesner,
    TRI Fellows: The first thirty years (HTML | PDF)
  • Luke Weiss, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Caffeine and theobromine analysis of Paullinia yoco, a vine harvested by indigenous peoples of the upper Amazon (HTML | PDF)
  • David Gonzalez, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Mercury exposure and risk among women of childbearing age in Madre de Dios, Peru (HTML | PDF)
  • Jose Pons, 2014 TRI Fellow
    The social roots of ecological degradation in El Nevado de Toluca natural protected area, Mexico (HTML | PDF)
  • Alexandra Alhadeff, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Numb to the world: Degradation desensitization and environmentally responsible behavior (HTML | PDF)
  • Gina LaCerva, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Devouring the Congo (HTML | PDF)
  • Karin Bucht, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Plantation projects in Madagascar: approaches, objectives and reflections for fuelwood production (HTML | PDF)
  • Linda Holcombe, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Penguin politics: Human dynamics in the African penguin conservation debate (HTML | PDF)
  • Tianjun Hou, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Are Chinese companies devastating the African environment? Exploring the role of a Chinese hydropower company in the Zambian environmental impact assessment process (HTML | PDF)
  • Sarah Casson, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Etic vs emic as adaptive measures to climate change: The rat as a misguided friend (HTML | PDF)
  • Klaus Geiger, 2014 TRI Fellow
    Characterizing the traditional tree-garden systems of southwest Sri Lanka (HTML | PDF)
  • Sarah Casson & Nicole Wooton,
    FIELD REPORT Resting on the smallest wings: The flight of conservation (HTML | PDF)