Tropical Resources, Volume 29

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  • William Collier, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Colonial Maize and Climate: Limits of Agricultural Development for Adaptation in Rift Valley, Kenya (PDF)
  • Ashley DuVal, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Açaí Branco: Maintaining Agrobiodiversity through a Local Seed System in the Amazon Estuary (PDF)
  • Gillian Paul, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Tropical Native Tree Plantations:An Investigation of Herbivore Damage and Species Selection in Central Panama (PDF)
  • Marian Thorpe, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Carry a Big Stick: Performing Indigenous Identity in Panama City (PDF)
  • Lauren Baker, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Indigenous Perspectives on Oil Exploration Concessions in the Peruvian Amazon (PDF)
  • Roopa Krithivasan, 2009 TRI Fellow
    In Search of the True Adivasi: The Politics of Land Rights in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, India (PDF)
  • Christine Trac, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Retelling the Same Story in a SW Chinese Village: The implementation of environment and poverty programs with a common agricultural development plot (PDF)
  • Eliezeri Sungusia, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Community based wildlife management in Tanzania: Getting the incentives right (PDF)
  • Benjamin Blom, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) in East Kalimantan, Indonesia: Barriers and Advantages to Project Equitability (PDF)
  • Nashaat Mazrui, 2009 Compton Fellow
    Medical Waste Management in Kenya: Opportunities for Improvement (PDF)
  • Fauziah Rochman, 2009 TRI Fellow
    E-Waste in Indonesia: The Case of Personal Computers (PDF)
  • Hui Cheng, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Saltwater Hydroponics Atop Shrimp Farms: Exploring a New Method of Reducing Environmental Impacts from Shrimp Aquaculture in Tropical Developing Countries (PDF)
  • Dana Graef, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Cuban Environmental Paradigms: Contemporary Agriculture and Colonial Forestry (PDF)
  • Katie Hawkes, 2009 TRI Fellow
    United or Divided? Stakeholder Perceptions of One Another and REDD (PDF)
  • Kasey Jacobs, 2009 TRI Fellow
    Fostering Resilient Communities in Disaster-Prone and Climate-Change Threatened Tropical Coastal Areas: Views from West Sumatra, Indonesia (PDF)